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HOHE TIED e.V. Kiel – Umweltgruppe für Nord- und Ostsee

Since 2007 Hohe Tied e.V. works in cooperation with the EUCC (The Coastal Union Germany) in the project “Küstenschule – Internetgestützte Informationen zu Küste und Mee(h)r” (Coast-School – internet-based information concerning coasts and more/the sea). The purpose of the project is to increase the environmental knowledge of pupils in schools along the Baltic coast of Schleswig-Holstein. It predominantly aims at pupils and teachers concerned with geography and biology in the 9./10. class (German system) of grammar school or secondary school. Within the project Hohe Tied e.V. conducts ecologically targeted beach excursions and sailing cruises. With the aid of Anke Vorlauf (EUCC) the pupils afterwards edit and prepare their results to be presented on the internet pages of the “Küstenschule” (Coast-School).

Contact person is Anke Vorlauf (EUCC). Further information can be found on the internet pages of the “Küstenschule”.