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HOHE TIED e.V. Kiel – Umweltgruppe für Nord- und Ostsee

  • You are planning a cruise on a traditional sailing boat and are looking for an ecologically targeted program?
  • You are searching for ideas and suggestions for beach excursions concerning the Baltic Sea?
  • You are a teacher and would like to discuss the Baltic Sea (its evolution, fauna, specifics, eutrophication and use) with your class and are looking for background information, internet sources and simple experiments?
  • You are working in the environmental education sector and want to get to know the methods and the knowledge of another organisation?

Through the educational concept “Mensch und Meer“(“People and the Sea”) we would like to make our knowledge, which accumulated over many years of practice in environmental education, accessible for others. You can purchase it as printed version (in colour, 256 pages) for 20 € or you can order it as pdf file on a CD by sending us a self-addressed envelope.

About the educational concept “Mensch und Meer “

The concept is a well structured folder with background information about the Baltic Sea and practical instructions for experiments, sampling methods, games, observations and discussions.
This comprehensive store of knowledge is addressed to teachers and people working in environmental education, who are looking for substantiated information and continuative suggestions concerning the Baltic Sea.

The material is designed as a flexibly adjustable ecological program for families, school- and youth groups. The entire structure of the concept is modular. The topics range from descriptive basic knowledge about the Baltic Sea and its flora and fauna to information about its use and manipulation by humans, as well as further chapters with more playful themes.

The practical part can predominantly be carried out on the beach with some experiments, group activities and games also being suitable for classrooms or other interiors. What makes this concept so outstanding is that it contains an instruction for an ecological program during one ore more day cruises on charted traditional sailing ships. With this extraordinary “study location” our organisation has many years of good experience. Besides the educational program the sailing itself offers an intensive group experience.

Downloads (PDF)

The introduction with the table of contents lists the guidelines and the specific topics of single chapters.

The chapter „Dem Meer auf den Grund gehen – Der Boden der Ostsee“ exemplary presents the outline and structure of a single chapter.

As a reasonable supplement to the written concept all necessary devices and working materials can be rented from us. For further information please see rental of the material box. The required devices can as well directly be purchased in shops which for example supply school materials. They are no custom products. Please do not hesitate to ask us.