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HOHE TIED e.V. Kiel – Umweltgruppe für Nord- und Ostsee

We are a small, voluntary environmental group with the aim to raise public awareness about issues around the Baltic Sea. Our emphasis lies on environmental education.

During our more than twenty year long activity we have been developing a broad spectrum of educational offers for anyone from the age of 0 to 99 years.

We always fancy new ideas and are permanently looking for new members, projects and project partners. Our get-together is weekly on Tuesday at 7 p.m. in our office in Kiel/Wik.


We are

  • in, at and on the sea
  • versatile
  • objective
  • individually unique
  • internationally orientated
  • personal through our small group

We have

  • fun
  • knowledge
  • experience

We want to

  • offer great experiences with the Baltic Sea and it's environment
  • inform
  • teach by hands-on experience
  • create an understanding for the ecosystem of the Baltic Sea
  • work interdisciplinary
  • try new things
  • give the opportunity to actively explore the sea
  • work internationally
  • create awarenes to existing threats to the sea
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